Dr. med. Susanna Meier

Specialist Physician

Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Vienna
Doctorate conferred in 1996
Specialist Physician in General Medicine
Specialist Physician in Internal Medicine
Emergency Physician
Nutritional Physician
Austrian Society of Internal Medicine (ÖGIM)
German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM)
German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM)
German Society for Aesthetical Botulinum Toxin Therapy (DGBT)
German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM)
German Society for Augmenta.on and Anti Wrinkle Therapy
IPS – International Peeling Society
Megemit – Society for Micro-Immune Therapy
MEF – Medical Enzyme Research Society


Reception: Assistant &
Quality management

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Lead Beautician

State-certified Beautician
Classical cosmetics
Medical cosmetics
Hydra FacialTM
Green Peel – Dr. Schrammek®- herbal peeling
Microneedling – Dermapen4 ®
Quality management

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State-certified beautician
Classical cosmetics
Medical cosmetics
Hydra FacialTM
Green Peel – Dr. Schrammek®- herbal peeling
Chemical peelings
Microneedling – Dermapen 4®
Hygiene representative


We’re pleased that you found us!

In the Uhlenhorst district – right in the heart of Hamburg – Dr. med. Susanna Meier combines Aesthetic Medicine with General and Internal Medicine. In this practice, you can relax! In a pleasant ambience we offer effective treatment methods for a more beautiful and attractive appearance for him and her, as well as preventative therapies to strengthen the inner well-being.

Dr. med. Susanna Meier and her competent team of employees offers you a versa.le treatment spectrum with the latest treatment techniques at the highest level. You benefit from Dr. Meier’s extensive experience and medical specialist training.

In the field of aesthe.cs, the range of services includes all non-surgical beauty treatments. For example

  • Treatment of wrinkles with the muscle relaxant Botulinum,

  • Volume Replenishment (Liquid-Li`ing, 8 Point-Li`ing) using hyalunoric acid and other fillers (such as Radiesse®), or

  • Thread-LiKing (Silhoueke Soft) to lift sagging facial or neck areas.


  • wrinkle smoothing and skin rejuvenation (Hydra Facial®, Tixel®, Dermapen®, PhotoNova PLS 3, PRP– Platelet Rich Plasma („Dracula“ or „Vampire“ Lift)),

  • IPL and Radiofrequency-Technology for the treatment of couperose, spider veins and pigment spots,

  • medically accompanied weight loss treatment and conversion to a healthy diet,

  • Body-Shaping and fat reduction using injection lipolysis („fat-gone injection“) and cryolipolysis (ICE-Aesthetic),

  • Keloid and scar treatments, as well as treatment of stretch marks (for example, with the Cryoshape® intralesional cryotherapy or the Tixel®, as well as

  • micro needling using the Dermapen®),

  • Diagnosis and various therapies for hair loss (depending on the cause: hormone therapy, botulinum (AC therapy), PRP, 

are offered.

Our services in general medicine and internal medicine include nutritional medicine, nature-identical hormone therapy according to the Rimkus method, micro immunotherapy, check-ups and health checks, general and special laboratory examinations, ultrasound diagnos.cs, ECG, lung function measurements, vaccinations, scar treatments, heel spurs treatment et cetera.

We’ll gladly take the time to advise you individually about the treatment options.

In our affiliated beauty institute you can enjoy cosmetic treatments, even cosmetic-medical treatments are possible and often easily combinable.

We only offer treatments for self-payers and private patients.

The cost of all aesthetic treatments are purely self-pay benefits and vary according to individual requests and possibilities.

Medical therapies are generally covered by the patient’s private insurance, but there are exceptions that the patient should clarify with his health insurance prior to treatment.

Medical services are billed in Germany according to GOÄ (fee regulation for doctors).

Please arrange an appointment either via E-Mail or phone: +49 40 18988755.

We ask – as a courtesy to other customers and the team – to cancel appointments in good time. Appointments that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged.

Give your well-being into our hands!


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