Scar and keloid treatment

There are different scars – excessive scar proliferation (above skin level) like hypertrophic scars and in extreme cases keloids and scars below skin level (like stretch marks).

Scars can be psychologically very stressful and stigmatising for those affected, and sometimes also lead to functional limitations (burn scars). This is also the case with keloids (excessive scarring without a „stop signal“ due to genetic predisposition). An operation leads to (almost) always new keloid formation and thus to worse and worse results. Treatment options for hypertrophic scars (and keloids) are special scar plasters which exert pressure on the area and are intended to prevent further growth. One treatment that is 20-50% effective is a special cortisone injection into the scar – this can also be done „needle-free“ through the so-called „dermojet“, whereby the special fluid is injected into the scar almost painlessly (using compressed air). This leads to a shrinking of the excess scar tissue over several sessions. In addition, icing over the surface (cryotherapy) can occur, but this has the disadvantage of possible permanent depigmentation. Other treatment methods (only for keloids) are surgery with immediate radiation or injection of a chemotherapeutic agent into the wound edges – this is especially critical for young people.

A relatively new but currently the best method with a healing rate of almost 95% is intralesional cryotherapy (cryoshape), in which the scar tissue is shock-frozen with liquid nitrogen from the inside to the outside and then painlessly falls away in an inflammatory reaction until it reaches healthy skin.

Scars that are below skin level, including striae (stretch marks) after pregnancy, for example, cannot be treated with this method. In this case, the collagen synthesis must be stimulated by small injuries in order for the scar to be built through – e.g. by treatments with the Dermapen® (microneedling +/- own plasma) or with the Tixel® (see there).

Acne scars can also be significantly improved with Dermapen® (microneedling +/- own plasma or vitamin cocktail) or with Tixel® in several sessions. They can also be smoothed (without downtime) with radiofrequency or treated with dermabrasion (with special diamond grinding heads in several sessions) by Hydra facial.

Dr. Susanna Meier on the show

NDR round – „Therapy against proliferating scars“ on 05.05.2015 (in German language)

They hurt and disfigure: proliferating scars that grow beyond their actual edge. Cutting away a keloid often does not help, but icing is promising.

What if the keloid doesn’t go away? This is how intra-lesional cryotherapy helps!

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