Nefertiti: the secret of beauty

The Egyptian queen Nefertiti was considered the most beautiful woman in the world in her time. Her name translated means „the beautiful one has come“ – even today, visitors still reverently admire her bust in the museum.

What is the secret of this beautiful woman? An absolute symmetry and harmony of her facial features: high, curved eyebrows, a thin nose, full lips with a perfect ratio between upper and lower lip, high cheekbones and large, symmetrical eyes.

Beauty is definable

Beauty is not accidental, its principles are scientifically studied and substantiated. It is therefore not accidental if a face is perceived as attractive or unattractive.

What exactly makes a beautiful face? In summary, there are 6 pillars that make a face look attractive.

The six pillars of a beautiful face:

  • Symmetry of the facial features
  • raised, outer eyebrows (the outer point of the eyebrow must be higher than the inner one)
  • large, symmetrical eyes
  • thin nose
  • oval face shape (high cheekbones, full midface)
  • full lips

Look at supermodels, actors or other people who are considered to be particularly beautiful people. What do you notice? You will find these 6 pillars of beauty in every face.

Here is an example:
supermodel Adriana Lima

PHI – the secret formula of beauty

But – it can be even more concrete! Did you know that there is the perfect formula for the beauty of a face?

The number PHI is a constant with the value 1,681 … and occurs almost everywhere in nature. It is the secret of why things in nature are considered beautiful and harmonious. You come across the same proportions over and over again.



PHI describes the relationships of lines, patterns and sizes to each other. The more often this proportion is present, the more harmonious an object, plant, animal or face is felt.


In a „perfect“ face we find this constancy of proportions everywhere: the width of the nose to the width of the face, eyebrow, ratio of upper to lower lip, etc.

The American physician Dr. Stephen Marquard examined and described these conditions in detail also for the human face. The result is the „Marquard Mask“ or also the „golden mask“:

He was able to determine and prove that a face is perceived as particularly beautiful when PHI conditions are present everywhere. If one makes these conditions graphically visible, lines and angles appear in the face, as they are shown in the „golden mask“. The „golden mask“ is the „perfect“ face, so to speak.

By the way, this ratio is also the secret of a perfect lip, eyebrow or nose.

These described conditions apply regardless of ethnic differences and are equally valid for Asian, European or African faces.


But many other stars who are considered to be particularly beautiful people are also subject to this law: Nefertiti had this „perfect“ face. This is the true secret of her incredible beauty, which still fascinates every observer today.

Liquid Lift: naturally beautiful in no time

With increasing age, the effects of gravity, hormonal fluctuations, eating habits and UV radiation change the appearance of a face.

The 6 pillars of beauty are slowly being lost: the volume of the cheeks („O Shape“) disappears, the eyes and lips become smaller, the tissue around the eye begins to „hang“ (bags under the eyes and rings under the eyes), the forehead becomes larger/flatter, wrinkles appear and lead to deeper eyebrows.


The nose becomes longer and the tip of the nose points down. The skin loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkled. Deep wrinkles form around the nose (nasolabial folds) and around the mouth (upper lip, puppet wrinkles etc.). Also the optimal conditions after PHI are lost.

Above all, it is the loss of volume in the midface (cheek region) that makes a face look „older“.


Modern techniques and materials make it possible to give the face back its volume and the skin its elasticity that it once had. This concept is a face composition. It is a combination of smoothing mimic muscles (botulinum toxin), filling volume deficits (e.g. cheek region) with filling substances such as calcium hydroxylapatite(Radiesse®) or hyaluronic acid and tightening the skin with heat (radiofrequency/tixel) or microneedling (Dermapen®/needle roller – additionally hyaluronic acid/vitamins/own plasma) or mesotherapy (with hyaluronic acid/vitamins/own plasma).

These possibilities make it possible to restore to the face what once made it beautiful without the need for a scalpel or surgery. Every face needs an individual concept, which is composed of the above components: The skin becomes smooth again, wrinkles disappear, volume returns („V Shape“), the lips become fuller and the nose thinner – the PHI ratio as well as the proportions of Nefertiti are restored.

The result: an immediate, natural „Beautyfication“. You look better, fresher and younger in a very short time, without anyone noticing that you have been helped.

As filling materials I use Radiesse® from Merz and hyaluronic acids from Allergan and Teoxane.

Botulinum toxin from the companies Merz (Bocouture/Xeomin) and Allergan (Botox/Vistabel).

Radiesse® is a synthetic, injectable dermal filler consisting of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres dissolved in a water-based gel carrier. Calcium hydroxyapatite and its components calcium and phosphate are naturally occurring in human tissue. Radiesse® is more than just a wrinkle filler. While other filler materials such as collagen or hyaluronic acid are usually broken down again by the immune system as foreign bodies within 6-9 months, Radiesse® stimulates the body’s own collagen formation more strongly, leading to a more permanent result over approximately 1.5 years.

Radiesse®, as well as highly volumizing hyaluronic acids (e.g. Juvederm voluma), are mainly used to treat deep wrinkles, such as nasolabial, corner of the mouth or chin wrinkles. In addition, the volume of the cheeks can be restored, which, for example, was lost naturally in the midface due to shrinkage of the fatty tissue under the skin. An irregular chin line and a drooping jaw can also be restored. This makes these fillers ideal for patients who do not want a face lift. Without the risks of a stressful operation, the deep drawing of the wrinkles is reduced. Due to the filled volume, your skin on the cheeks appears significantly firmer and the face fresher and more youthful. Radiesse® and volumizing hyaluronic acids are also used to treat laterally lowered eyebrows, sunken scars and sunken backs of the hands.