Biostimulation of the skin cells / connective tissue cells / Hair follicle through own blood (plasma)

The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) obtained from the patient’s own blood is introduced into the skin/under the skin – this is done by injection (as with hyaluronic acid), by needling (additional stimulation of collagen synthesis by tiny needles), by mesotherapy (also additional stimulation of collagen synthesis by tiny needles) or as a mask after IPL/laser treatments.

Up to 20ml of whole blood is taken from one vein of the patient. This is separated by centrifugation into its solid (white, red blood cells) and liquid components (plasma with platelets). After activation, a platelet concentrate with a very high proportion of growth factors is produced. These growth factors stimulate mesenchymal stem cells (in all tissues) and thus lead to tissue revitalisation with collagen production, hair follicle regeneration, improved wound healing (in chronic wounds).

Since it is „material“ from the own body, no allergy or foreign body reaction is expected – there are only the general risks of an injection therapy (bruises, very rarely infections) or the expected side effects of mesotherapy or needling (some days off due to setting of many micro injuries – reddening of the skin, usually the „old“ skin peels after a few days).

Especially the application in combination with Needling leads to a great regeneration and a freshness and tightening of the skin for months with improvement of small wrinkles and also skin irregularities. A tired and sallow looking skin regains elasticity and vitality – this effect can be maintained for a long time by regular further treatment by the cosmetician – e.g. with Hydra Facial.

With surface injections, deeper wrinkles (including nasolabial folds, frown lines, corner of the mouth wrinkles, bags under the eyes) can be smoothed out. Several treatments at intervals of several weeks are recommended in order to achieve a longer lasting result.

Own blood therapy for hair loss


The platelet-rich plasma with the activated growth factors stimulates the formation of new hair follicles and blood vessels after injections into the scalp – thus improving the scalp’s nutrient supply. The hair grows and becomes stronger. PRP can stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. In addition, the areas affected by hair loss can be needled – hair growth is improved during wound healing. The Dermaroller or Dermapen® has very fine titanium needles. Smallest, hardly noticeable punctures in the scalp additionally stimulate the growth factors of the cells. After a pre-treatment with the Dermaroller, subsequent therapies show significantly better results.

The PRP therapy is equally suitable for women and men and is very well tolerated regardless of age.

Again, no side effects or allergic reactions are to be expected as the treatment is carried out with the body’s own blood.