Tixel is a new thermo-fractional procedure for skin rejuvenation in the face, neck, décolleté and hands. It has significantly fewer side effects than the Fraxel® laser and is very effective. Through a plate made of titanium, which is heated to 400 degrees, small channels are melted into the uppermost skin layers – depending on the set depth and duration of the heat exposure, this leads to a more or less strong collagen re-synthesis, the heat tightens the skin’s appearance and thus reduces pores and smoothes wrinkles.

The Tixel is also very well suited for improving scars and stretch marks. Two treatment options are available:

  • A painless superficial treatment in which skin-nourishing sera can be introduced into the created channels for several hours afterwards. The downtime (reddening) is only one (to rarely) three days.
  • A more intensive, low-pain treatment with higher penetration depth due to prior application of an analgesic cream – here the downtime is 4-7 days on average.

For the more superficial treatment a 3xige application in intervals of 4-6 weeks is recommended.

In case of more intensive treatment – which very well improves scars and stretch marks, the number of necessary treatments depends on the initial findings and desired improvement. The treatment intervals must be chosen individually, as scars take very different amounts of time to heal.

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