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Depending on the issue, we cooperate with different medical-diagnostic laboratories. In doing so, the speedy handling and the highest quality standards of our partners are our main concern. Read more ...

Apart from a few immediately evaluable parameters (thrombosis diagnostics, cardiac diagnostics, inflammatory diagnostics, urine test), the samples are sent in and the result is already available - depending on the urgency - after a few hours. However, some complex questions may take up to 14 days to arrive at the result.

The new clarity

Acne is the most common skin disorder. It affects the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Local treatment – consisting of microdermabrasion, acid treatment, clearing and blue light application with Hydra Facial ® – gives very good results. Inflammatory reactions recede, the appearance of the skin is significantly improved. The treatment of acne scars is also part of our range of services. Read more ...

Acne generally refers to the medical condition of "acne vulgaris". This skin disorder actually affects the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The exact mechanisms contributing to this are still not well-known: Increased daily production of male sex hormones (androgens), which increase rapidly in puberty (especially in boys), genetic seizures initially lead to clogged sebaceous glands and noninflammatory ones comedones. In the further course of the disease - influenced by skin bacteria - then leads to inflammatory skin symptoms such as knots, pustules and papules.

  • Acne (acne vulgaris) is the most common skin disease.

  • Special forms of the illness, or those that appear similar, can include:

  • Acne cosmetica (caused by cosmetics, especially in women older than 20)

  • Acne tarda or late acne (persistent acne in adult women due to increased androgen levels)

  • Acne excoriée des jeunes filles (psychogenic influence)

  • Acne tropica (severe acne vulgaris due to superinfection with staphylococci)

  • Acne neonatorum (in newborns, probably due to androgens of the mother)

  • Drug-induced acne (eg, through corticosteroids, isoniazid, iodine, bromine, doping acne)

    A very good local treatment is the microdermabrasion, acid treatment, clearing and blue light application with Hydra Facial®, which leads to a significant reduction in the inflammatory response and an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Acne scars, which are sometimes the sequelae, can also be induced by skin regeneration procedures, e.g. Microneedling (Dermapen®) or Tixel®, professional peels (such as Acid Peelings / Green peel®) or diamond skin abrasion and radiofrequency - all in multiple sessions - are treated very well. In addition, an optimal diet and a coordinated care of the skin must be done.

Ending the jojo cycle

With a tailor-made program, we accompany you to your ideal weight. Slimming via diet change and detoxification – without hunger and yo-yo – is the goal. The combination of interval fasting, hormonal or drug support, and special foods that support the „reprogramming“ of the brain’s satiety center and metabolism is a great success. Read more ...

Clinically accompanied and medically or hormonally supported weight reduction

Today quite often "bad" carbohydrates are consumed, which are rapidly converted to sugar in the blood and thereby cause the blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. This leads to a reflex of the pancreas, which releases insulin - usually too much - that causes the blood sugar levels to lower very quickly. This in turn results in hypoglycaemia, which then leads to renewed cravings. We crave new simple carbohydrates and the game starts all over again.

The diet with drug or hormonal support breaks with this cycle and leads out of carbohydrate addiction. Cravings disappear because the fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin are kept to a minimum.

The diet is based on interval fasting, drug or hormonal support, and special foods that are crucial for reprogramming the brain's satiety centre and metabolism. The composition consists mainly of ingredients that the body can not produce itself, such as the so-called essential amino acids (protein building blocks), vitamins and trace elements - and as natural as possible. Taste enhancers that enhance the appetite and confuse the senses, such as glutamate, maggi et cetera, are completely dispensed with. In addition, alcohol (inhibits fat loss), sugar and carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, all sweets) that can be quickly converted into sugar are removed from the diet. Because the food remains very simple and natural, the usual, more or less unhealthy food admixtures (declared as E numbers), such as dyes, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, acidulants, gelling and thickening et cetera are hardly consumed.

The renunciation of these harmful substances and the supply of good and pure food leads to an unusual, newly felt life energy and heightened strength and performance. The detailed meal plan will be provided with the beginning of the cure.

Patients are usually cared for weekly throughout the diet, given nutritional advice, coached, weighed and measured, and as such a body-impedance analysis (BIA) is used to determine the essential breakdown of body composition.

Patients who live far away can come in for a dietary instruction and then carry out the diet completely independently, without having to  attend regular appointments, but with support by phone or e-mail.

The total weight loss during the entire diet phase is on average about 7-10 kg (6-10% of the starting weight), in some cases more weight is lost. It is important that the accompanying diet, which consists of a defined and just sufficient amount of protein in the form of meat, fish, soybeans or the like and plenty of vegetables, is exactly maintained

The strict diet phase lasts 30 days and can be extended to 40 days. This is followed by an approximately two-week stabilization phase in which the daily calorie count is slowly increased.

Maintaining the newly-learned eating habits and the newly learned composition of the food and calories consumed per day will maintain the new weight well, with little variation.

A classic "yo-yo effect" (gaining weight as soon as you eat normally again) does not occur - but of course, the weight will rise again as soon as the energy supply is above the daily consumption for a longer time.

Much like when the savings account balance goes down when spending exceeds income.

Healing relaxed

Anal fissures are painful tears of the epidermis, which greatly affect the daily lives of many sufferers. Constant irritation and cramping of the sphincter muscles only allow such injuries to heal very slowly. Ointments, nutritional changes and a lot of fluid intake often only bring about an unsatisfactory improvement. Here injections of botulinum into the sphincter muscle can not only lead to rapid pain relief, but also contribute to the interruption of the disease cycle and let the anal fissure heal. Read more ...

Anal fissure (tear of the skin, the mucous membrane of the anus)

The anal fissure is a painful tear of the anus skin, which usually manifests itself as stinging discomfort during bowel movements. This leads to a reflex cramping of the closing muscles, whereby the blood circulation of the anal skin is reduced and the independent healing of the anal fissure is prevented. Ointments are unsatisfactory. To support the drug treatment, the administration of wheat bran with the appropriate fluid intake is recommended to alleviate or prevent constipation. Stool constipation exacerbates the symptoms and delays the already poor healing tendency.

An anal fissure, which does not improve by other methods (ointments, soft stool, etc.), can be healed using Botulinum, which interrupts and heals this "vicious cycle".

It is injected through the skin into the superficial fibers of the inner sphincter with an ultrafine cannula. This relaxes the underlying fibers of the anal sphincter and maximizes the circulation needed to heal the anal fissure. A poisoning can be ruled out - the required amount of botulinum would be unaffordable.

Patients notice the effect very quickly. Above all, a reduction in pain is achieved within the first day. The muscle relaxation reaches its maximum effect after 4 to 7 days and lasts for about 4 weeks. Due to the relaxation of the fibers of the sphincter muscles, the reflex sphincter spasm dissolves. The spasticity-inducing microcirculation regenerates and thus provides a wound base conditioning for the healing of the anal fissure.

Relevant side effects are not expected when following the recommended dose. Local bruising and infection may occur but have not been previously reported. The likelihood of anal incontinence is unlikely due to the complexity of the sphincter apparatus and the low amount of botulinum. Occasionally, there may be a short-lasting and minor disturbance of finer-continency (eg flatulence, uncontrolled loss of wind).

The rate of healing of an anal fissure after the first injection of botulinum lies at around  80%.

As natural as before

Growing older but staying fit. In our practice, we like to rely on the best teacher: nature. With a nature-identical hormone replacement therapy tailored exactly to the patients we can cushion age-related performance decline and increase individual well-being. Since this therapy uses body-identical hormones, which in their structural formula correspond to the body’s own hormones, high efficacy is given, side effects are not known to date. Read more ...

Naturally identical (bioidentical or humanidentical) hormone replacement therapy

Modern medicine does not have a really good solution with its classical hormone replacement therapy in form of synthetic hormone analogues. Neither can one be satisfied with the therapeutic success, nor can one tolerate the considerable side effect potential and the danger of long-term consequences. It repeatedly causes negative headlines: both thromboses in connection with the pill, as well as increase in cardiovascular diseases and certain tumors in hormone replacement therapy in the peri- and postmenopause are discussed.

But we want to get older and feel good and strong at the same time.

One possibility is the use of body-identical (bioidentical or nature-identical) hormones, which in their structural formula correspond to the body's own hormones. These have already experienced a "test phase" of millions of years through evolution. In adolescence, the highest hormone levels are measured - but the lowest rate of cancer and other disorders. One can therefore conclude that "high" hormone levels are not harmful to health, but rather health promoting and protective. By way of example, disorders such as osteoporosis, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders, dementia, metabolic syndrome enhancement, type 2 diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, and other disorders are known to be caused or diminished by decreased hormone levels.

Of course, other factors also play a role in the aging process, such as a functioning immune system, which ensures that we capture and render harmless tumor cells that are aimlessly pathogenic. But with negative stress due to hormone deficiency, it comes to a weakening of the immune system and thus to a weakened immune system.

The nature-identical hormone replacement therapy is an absolutely individual therapy. After determination and regular control of the hormones in the blood, progesterone, oestradiol and, if necessary, also testosterone are administered according to requirements, analogous to the body's own hormones. These hormones are derived from diosgenin (found in specific plants such as the yam root) and are structurally identical to our hormones.

The hormones are produced by special pharmacies in capsule form (with, for example, olive oil or cocoa oil as a carrier) and are swallowed so that the intake bypasses the liver (and thus there is no metabolization in unwanted metabolites) and happens directly from the intestine via the lymphatic system into the blood stream. It is also possible to have creams made with bioidentical hormones by the pharmacist, but this is much more impractical to use than capsules.

The nature-identical hormone therapy is a substitution of those hormones that are missing the body.

Critics have pointed out that there are hardly any studies on bioidentical hormone therapy - since these studies are largely sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry , and as bioidentical hormone therapy does nor ptovide a revenue stream the industry is not interested in paying for such studies. The fact that finally the hoped for efficacy and absence of side effects with bioidentical hormone therapy has been shown, (which is a prerequisite for a long-term application and has led to more and more doctors treating accordingly), will result in significantly more data in the future.


What does the therapy entail?

Patients - both women and men - who have complaints such as anxiety, panic attacks, memory disorders, decreasing efficiency, listlessness, depression, bone pain, body aches, sexual aversion, insomnia, hair loss, weight gain, but also hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia, will in my experience benefit from a nature-identical hormone substitution.

In a detailed initial interview, the history (medical history, current complaints) is collected, then the individual complaints are graded by means of an evaluation sheet. To determine the initial hormonal status this is followed vy taking a blood sample (in premenopausal women +/- 3 days to 21st cycle day) and a physical examination. If necessary, further investigations such as ultrasound and BIA measurement must be carried out.

A gynecological, or urological initial examination (not older than three months) is mandatory before the start of therapy, and subsequently annually required. Therapy control with blood sampling takes place every three months until a stable setting is achieved, after which the intervals can be extended.

Frequently Asked Questions (in German language): www.hormon-netzwerk.de


Open your eyes

The eyes are our gateway to the world. If there are complaints here, every activity becomes an effort. An eye muscle spasm usually begins quite „harmlessly“ with pronounced blinking in bright light and tiredness. As the disease progresses, the convulsive squinting of the eyes becomes increasingly violent – and finally the eyes can no longer be opened for hours. Here, too, botulinum injections bring very good results in order to alleviate the cramping and to enable normal eyelid closure. Read more ...

Blepharospasm (eye muscle spasm)

Blepharospasm is an involuntary, cramp-like squinting of the eyes and almost always occurs on both sides. It usually begins with pronounced blinking, which occurs in the early stages due to bright light stimuli and when tired. The symptoms increase in severity and strength over time and can be so pronounced that the eyes are completely closed over several hours. At night the symptoms often disappear, in the morning they are often more pronounced, driving a car can lead to exacerbation.

The muscles around the eyes are weakened via the botulinum, so that normal eyelid closure is possible, but this extreme cramping can no longer occur. The effect lasts for 4-6 months.

No more grinding down

Anyone who grinds their teeth – not only when there is spontaneous anger, but also permanently, especially at night and subconsciously – experiences a number of painful consequential damages. For example, the jaw can no longer be opened completely, every intake of solid food hurts and problems with the cervical spine occur. Botulinum injections weaken chewing strength, reduce pain, and improve symptoms quickly. Read more ...

Bruxism (grinding of teeth)

Grinding teeth can permanently damage your teeth and jaw joints due to the massive force (human biting strength is between 50-80kg), which is applied unconsciously at night and with which the jaws are pressed against each other and pushed against each other. As a result, there may be a jaw clamp (the jaw can no longer be opened completely), pain when chewing and thus reduced food intake, pain in the cervical spine and damage to the posture. Botulinum injection into the large chewing muscles can weaken the chewing force and thus significantly improve pain and malfunction in the temporomandibular joint in a short time.

The chewing power is not reduced in such a way that normal, hard food can no longer be handled, as only the maximum chewing power is reduced.

Accompanying psychological support can be important in some cases.

Your health at the centre

We focus on your healthy middle. Because a balanced intestinal flora is an important key to well-being and helps prevent a number of serious diseases. We support you with targeted therapies to regulate your intestinal germ composition. We combine nutritional advice and probiotics with innovative methods such as microimmune and enzyme therapy. Read more ...

Gut flora (gut microbiome)

Intestinal health has become a focus of interest in recent years. For decades, the intestine has been left pretty out of view, but an association of an altered intestinal germ composition (intestinal microbiome) with diseases such as diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases and other chronic diseases has been described. Studies on the so-called “intestinal brain” with indications that neurological-psychiatric illnesses such as panic disorders, depression, multiple sclerosis and others can result from it or worsen, are increasing.

Special form SIBO: small intestine bacterial overgrowth - is an incorrect colonization of the small intestine with bacteria from the large intestine and increased hydrogen production (diagnosis: H2 breath test)

The symptoms range from a feeling of fullness after meals to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Hearty greetings from Dr. Meier and her team

Our heart beats for your health. With extensive experience in internal medicine, you are in good hands at practice Dr. Meier for all „matters of the heart“. Read more ...

ECG (cardiac rhythm analysis, heart attack diagnosis)

The surface resting ECG (12-channel) is an indispensable part of every cardiac blood flow, heart attack and cardiac rhythm diagnosis. It is derived from the surface of the body when the patient is lying down, is not painful and the results can be evaluated immediately.

Get well soon!

Enzyme therapy has proven to be a good helper for sports injuries, chronic inflammation or a shift in cytokine levels in rheumatic diseases or solid tumors. The blood can flow faster, pain gets better faster, injuries heal faster and an improvement in the quality of life of chronically ill patients can be observed. We would be happy to advise you whether this form of therapy is effective for your ailment. Read more ...

Enzyme Therapy

In general, proteolytic enzymes have an effect on all acute or chronic inflammations and help to bring the immune system back on track. In the case of acute inflammation (e.g. sports injury, accident), for up to two weeks you are given a rather high-dose enzyme therapy. This can be up to 3 times a normal daily dose of an enzyme preparation. In the case of chronic inflammation or chronic shifts in the cytokine level (for example in the case of rheumatic diseases or solid tumors), therapy tends to be carried out with a normal daily dose, albeit for a long period (months to years).

Areas of application for enzyme therapy are (selection): faster regression of edema and swelling as well as faster pain relief after sports injuries, operations. In combination with bioflavonoids, the flow properties of the blood improve. A reduction in chronic inflammatory symptoms such as morning stiffness of the joints, joint pain, restricted movement, improvement in quality of life, improvement in survival time in cancer patients (by TGF-β reduction) can be achieved.

For further information in German language see also: www.enzymforschungsgesellschaft.de

The best time for change? Now.

Our eating habits not only determine our weight, but also significantly our well-being. If you are unsatisfied with the numbers on the scale, are constantly in the yoyo spiral or often feel tired and weak, you can take the first step right now to make a long-term change. With individual nutritional advice, we can help you on the way to your well-being weight and a better body feeling. Read more ...

Nutritional medicine

Nowadays, the consumption of empty (nutrient-free) calories, which are available everywhere and at any time, predominates. They are no longer burned by modern people who sit almost all day, do limited heavy physical work and hardly move. There is an absolute imbalance in favor of converting sugar into fat and storing it as a fat deposit. As a result, obesity is increasing dramatically worldwide, especially among children.

The foundations of normal weight and exercise, laid in childhood, help people throughout their life.

With an individually adapted diet, many chronic complaints and illnesses, which often result from overweight and obesity or sometimes just from an incorrect diet, can be significantly improved or even cured.

The intestinal health and individual composition of the intestinal bacteria (intestinal microbiome) go hand in hand with the diet.

Healing the heels

A heel spur is an extremely painful affair. With this bony extension caused by incorrect loading of the foot, every step becomes torture. In our practice we offer various injection therapies for treatment – cortisone, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or botox. Read more ...

Heel spurs

A heel spur is a bony appendage that has developed due to incorrect loading of the foot (mostly) under the heel bone (lower heel spur) (sometimes also as the upper heel spur under the Achilles tendon) and extends in the direction of the toes - also often referred to as plantar fasciitis, since the Inflammation of the plantar fascia can lead to a heel spur. The plantar fascia is a strong, connective tissue tendon cord that pulls on the sole of the foot from the heel to the toes. Among other things, it maintains the longitudinal arch of the foot. Patients sometimes suffer from severe (stinging) pain at the plantar fascia under the heel bone, so that standing and walking becomes torturous.

Overweight and misaligned feet (flat foot, spreading foot) predispose to this, but very large or very active people can also suffer.

The heel spur visible in the x-ray is often not the cause of pain, but rather the irritated plantar fascia. The clinical picture is therefore to be counted among the so-called neck endoses, as such pertaining to the muscle-tendon-bone transition.

Forms of treatment:

  • Appropriate shoe inserts to relieve the area.

  • Another relatively new treatment option is Medi-Taping®: A form of therapy in which the pain reflectors can be directly influenced by the application of a partially elastic special adhesive strip. At the same time, by influencing the circulatory system, edema fluid and inflammatory secretions are excreted more quickly, thereby restoring the physiological balance in the muscles.

  • Cortisone injections

  • Local injections with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can also provide relief.

  • Botulinum injected into the affected area usually leads to very good and long-lasting treatment success, on the one hand through the direct effect via substance P on the pain receptors and on the other hand through muscle relaxation.

Safe is safe

Without good health, everything is nothing. And because early detection is essential for many serious illnesses, a regular health check is recommended. In our practice, we offer comprehensive preventive medical checkups. Read more ...

Health check & prevention

A regular preventive check-up is designed to help identify various diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer, etc. It includes a detailed anamnesis, a physical examination including blood pressure measurement, ECG, spirometry (for breathing difficulties), ultrasound of the internal organs and vessels - other imaging procedures according to requirements (abroad), a urine examination for blood, protein and glucose excretion, a stool examination hidden blood and the determination of blood values.

For private patients, the check is carried out according to the corresponding service catalog of the respective private health insurance company.

Without sweat: a price

If sweating is not a sign of great effort, but a permanent condition, medical help is required. Treatment with botulinum helps regulate excessively active sweat glands. How they stay dry permanently, read more here ...

Hyperhidrosis (abnormal sweating)

Many people suffer from excessive sweating. In these cases, even when it is cold, the sweat glands react to stress or react spontaneously with excessive sweating without an external reason. This is not comparable to "normal" sweating during physical exertion and is extremely stressful. Most sweat glands are located in the armpits, hands and feet. The effect can be partially reduced by wearing appropriate clothing, avoiding coffee or performing relaxation exercises.

Excessive sweating on armpits, hands or feet is ideal for an almost side effect free treatment with botulinum. Only therapy-resistant cases have to be operated on.

Making fat melt away

When benign slowly growing fat deposits form under the skin, one speaks of lipomas. Although they rarely cause pain, they are often subjectively uncomfortable or unattractive. The fat tumors can be gently reduced or removed in an outpatient operation or by injection lipolysis. Read more ...

Lipomas (benign fatty tissue tumors)

A lipoma is a benign, very slow-growing growth ("tumor") of the adipose tissue that lies under the skin as soft or parallel elastic nodes. The skin overlying the knot is unremarkable and intact. The size of these knots is very different.

They can grow from mm's to larger than 20 cm. These nodes originate in the fat cells of the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

As a rule, a lipoma causes little discomfort as lipomas themselves are not painful. They can only cause pain if they are located in an unfavorable location - for example near nerves - and press on them. In most cases, these tumors occur on the arms, legs and trunk.

The growth is progressing very slowly. Multiple lipomas can appear over time. If they are close together, one speaks of lipomatosis. Different forms can also be distinguished here.

There is currently no established cause. As with most "tumors", it is assumed that certain cells - in this case fat cells - tend to grow genetically. An increased incidence of single lipomas can be observed in certain metabolic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia.

Surgical removal of a lipoma can result in general surgical complications such as bleeding, infection, damage to vascular or nerve structures and wound healing disorders. When removing by injection lipolysis, which is a very efficient method, almost no serious side effects are to be expected. However, the lipoma can reappear. These recurrences (recurrence) are usually just as benign and harmless as their predecessors.

Kiss those headaches goodbye

Migraines or tension headaches are pain that completely disables you in the short or long term. The mostly half-sided massive migraine headache is often accompanied by an aura – the spectrum here ranges from nausea to vomiting and sensitivity to light to temporary neurological failures. A big burden for those affected. Injections with botulinum have proven very effective here. With targeted injections into the affected areas, pain can be significantly reduced or completely avoided for up to six months. Read more ...



Migraines are a special form of seizure-like headaches that can occur more or less frequently. It usually occurs on one side and can last from several hours to a few days. Migraines are probably triggered by an imbalance of various messenger substances in the brain or by inflammation of small blood vessels. There is also a genetic predisposition. People who suffer from it often know what the triggers are. This can be a change in the weather, missed meals and / or alcohol, also certain fragrances, stress or hormonal fluctuations in women. The pain usually occurs on one side and is accompanied by a so-called aura: nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, as well as temporary neurological failures (tingling, sensations on the skin, visual disturbances etc.)

The classic pure form of migraines is less common, mixed forms with tension headaches are more common.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are mainly caused by stress with (permanent) tension in the muscles on the head, including the chewing muscles and the muscles in the neck area.

A treatment method for both migraines and tension headaches is targeted injections with botulinum in the forehead or the affected areas. There is a significant weakening of the pain attacks up to complete freedom from symptoms for about 6 months - without significant side effects.

Find your balance

Our immune system knows a variety of methods to protect the body like a shield against negative influences from inside and outside. If the immune response is weakened, germs, viruses and bacteria are opened in the truest sense of the word. Capsule-form microimmunotherapy can regulate the immune system, strengthen it and bring it back into balance. Read more ...

Micro immunotherapy

Microimmunotherapy is a therapy for modulating the immune response and restoring the natural balance.

The immune system: Diseases are often caused by microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.), by external actors (e.g. allergens) or by the body itself (autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, cancer and other diseases). Our body reacts to this by switching on the immune system. The cytokines, messenger substances of our natural immune system, are found in large numbers in the human body and coordinate the defense.

Microimmunotherapy: The drugs used in microimmunotherapy are used as immune regulators and are intended to harmonize the body's defenses and restore them to an efficient mode of action. The formulations contain cytokines and specific nucleic acids, which are used in microdoses (as happens in our body) and are aimed at restoring natural balance. Taking the capsules in a certain order comes closest to the physiological mechanisms of our organism. In this way, the substances that are administered sublingually - placed under the tongue - reach the lymphatic system, which acts as the control center of the immune response.

See also: www.megemit.org

Smallest building blocks for maximum impact

Sometimes macronutrients such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates are simply not enough to optimally supply the body. Then micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids and other substances can efficiently compensate for deficiency symptoms and return lost vitality. We would be happy to put together a tailor-made othomolecular therapy according to your needs. Read more ...

Micronutrient therapy (orthomolecular therapy)

In contrast to macronutrients such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates, micronutrients are only the smallest building blocks, without which the body cannot function. These include, for example, vitamins, minerals, but also essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, enzymes, phytochemicals and hormones. These substances are formed in the body or ingested with food - but sometimes not enough. Then it makes sense to supplement in a targeted manner in order to bring the body to its optimal function.

Making things run smoothly

Scars on the body often lead to scars on the soul, since they can be very stressful for those affected. In our practice – depending on the type, size and shape of the scar – we offer a wide variety of treatments that improve wound healing and enable a beautiful, smoother complexion even with scars that have existed for a long time. Let us advise you personally. Read more ...

Scar treatment & keloid treatment

Scars can be psychologically stressful and stigmatizing for those affected, and sometimes also lead to functional restrictions. This is the case, for example, with keloids (excessive scarring without a "stop signal" due to genetic predisposition). The effective treatment options for keloids are rare. An operation leads to new keloid formation and thus to worse and bigger growths. Other therapies used are: surgery and immediately afterwards repeated radiation or injection of a chemotherapeutic agent (5 FU) into the wound edges. In my opinion, this should be viewed critically, especially in young patients, since the keloid does not show self-limited wound healing, with scar tissue proliferating far beyond the limits of the original injury, but is still not a malignant tumor disease that justifies radiation and chemotherapy would.

A 20% more effective treatment of keloids that is significantly better for hypertrophic scars is a special cortisone injection by injecting the scar - this can also be done without a needle by the so-called "dermojet", whereby the special liquid is brought into the scar almost painlessly (by compressed air). This leads to a shrinkage of the excess scar tissue.

Similarly, with small keloids and excessive (hypertrophic) scars (less than 1 cm), contact cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen can lead to success and reduce the size of the scar or bring the growth to a standstill.

A relatively new, but currently the best method with only 5-7% recurrence rates, i.e. 93-95% chance of healing - especially with larger keloids - is intralesional cryotherapy (cryoshape), in which the scar tissue is removed using a special needle ( Cryoshape) is snap frozen with liquid nitrogen and then painlessly falls off to an healthy skin in an inflammatory reaction.

Scars below the skin level, including striae after pregnancy, for example, cannot be treated with this method. Treatment with Dermapen® (Microneedling +/- Eigenplasma (PRP)) or wirh Tixel® can help.

Acne scars can also be significantly improved with the Dermapen® (Microneedling +/- Eigenplasma (PRP) or vitamin cocktail) or with the Tixel® in several sessions. They can also be smoothed (without downtime) with radio frequency or treated with dermabrasion (with special diamond grinding heads in several sessions) using Hydra facial®.

All scars - be it scars above the skin level (keloids and hypertrophic scars) or scars below the skin level (stretch marks, acne scars) improve with each treatment, however several treatment sessions may be necessary for the best possible result.

Finally free

Quitting smoking can be a very lengthy process. Our recommendation: drug-assisted weaning. The best results are achieved in combination with a personal discussion therapy. Read more ...

Quitting Smoking

Medication-based weaning therapy in combination with talk therapy.

Breathe Easy

Shortness of breath? We check your lung function in our practice. When you are certain that everything is fine with your lungs, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We can assess deviations immediately and recommend further examinations and treatments. Read more ...

Spirometry (pulmonary function)

Lung function testing - an essential diagnostic and course assessment for asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive bronchitis) - is a non-invasive, non-painful method that measures lung performance and can be assessed immediately.

Looking inwards

Using ultrasound, we can immediately take a look at internal organs, soft tissues, muscles and vessels in our practice. It is suitable for quick and uncomplicated initial diagnostics. Trust the great internistic experience of Dr. Susanna Meier. Read more ...

Ultrasound examinations (sonography) of the internal organs, vessels, muscles and soft tissues

Sonography (diagnostic ultrasound) has now become an indispensable component in diagnostics, even in the private sector, because it is immediately available and inexpensive (compared to other imaging methods). The internal organs, soft tissues, muscles and vessels can be assessed.

Getting to the root of the problem

Chronic irritation of the hair roots exists- and it is very uncomfortable for those affected. Constant stress can trigger tingling, itching and burning in the head. Treatment with botulinum brings long-lasting good results here. Read more ...

Trichodynia (hair root pain)

Trichodynia is a very unpleasant sensation (tingling, itching, burning or tensing up to pain) of the scalp and hair roots, which can result from reduced blood flow and increased tension in the head muscles in predisposed people with a stress related illness. Trichodynia often responds very well to botulinum treatment and can lead to a symptom-free interval of 4-7 months.

Other possible causes of hair root or scalp pain, which should be ruled out beforehand, are: iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency from the B complex (especially B1 and B5) and hormone deficiency and other micronutrients.